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Championing financial education in Rhode Island

Financial education is not offered in all schools in Rhode Island, but the Office of the General Treasurer is looking to change that.

Rhode Island adopted the Council for Economic Education’s National Standards for Financial Literacy in 2015, yet barriers—the lack of flexibility in existing curricula, trained teachers, or funding—prevent many Rhode Island schools from providing financial education. To further support and advance youth financial education, the state’s Treasurer has created numerous financial literacy initiatives and programs that bring together organizations within the state. More information about these initiatives can be found through the Office of the General Treasurer.

The Rhode Island Treasury partners with Everfi to deliver financial education to middle and high school students throughout the state. The middle school program, FutureSmart, was funded by the MassMutal Foundation and began during the 2016–2017 academic year. Additionally, various events are held throughout the month of April—financial literacy month—in collaboration with the Rhode Island Jump$tart Coalition. The Treasury also works to bring together nonprofits, private businesses, and educational organizations through the Rhode Island Financial Empowerment Roundtable, which convened in 2017. To continually advance youth financial education, the Treasurer began a study of financial education offerings in the state, with findings presented in the report, Fallen Behind. Additionally, the Treasurer, with several members of state government, is supporting legislation that would require schools to offer courses that include personal finance topics.