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Everyone can play a role in promoting financial education in high schools. Learn how you can share best practices, success stories, funding opportunities, and resources to overcome barriers to advancing financial education in your home, school, and community.


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Fast Lane will post bimonthly webinars on topics around financial education in schools and at home. Learn all about how to best advocate for financial education, what works in teaching financial education, what the latest research on effective financial education finds, and how to conduct an evaluation that will help you improve your program.

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Find funding opportunities

Funding is a common obstacle to launching financial education programs in schools. Luckily, there are funding opportunities available to support financial education programs as well as the teaching of and advocacy for such programs. Check out this list of possible opportunities to kick start or expand your financial education program.

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Explore other ways to connect

There are a number of ways to connect with other parents, teachers, and members of your community. Here are some groups that you can join to find like-minded financial education enthusiasts and share your experiences!

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