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Surveys and Assessments

Surveys and check-ins can be an important tool to understand where where your students are at, especially if they are not in a classroom.

Below find a list of resources of tips and guides to help you get started on your own survey or assessment.


NEFE Evaluation Toolkit

The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) provides a toolkit for users to design, build, and use evaluations. The toolkit includes a bank of questions to create your own evaluation and a manual that walks you through the different stages of planning and conducting an evaluation.

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Council for Economic Education (CEE) Online Assessment Center

The online assessment center is a free service for teachers to administer assessments, track progress, and measure student achievement against benchmarks. The assessments are based on CEE’s curricula, but users can also access assessments tied to PwC’s Earn Your Future curricula.

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Online Resources

Teach From Home

Google’s temporary hub of information and tools for distance teaching.

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Create online survey: How to use our free survey maker tool

An article developed by Qualtrics offers some tips and an outline for building a survey.

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Survey Monkey Resources

Survey Monkey is a software to send online surveys. They have created templates and resources for distance learning.

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Measuring Financial Knowledge and Well-Being

Big 3 Financial Literacy Questions

Three simple financial literacy questions that were developed by experts and are used in surveys around the world.

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PISA Financial Literacy Questions

The Programme for International Student Assessment developed five questions to measure youth financial literacy.

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Financial Literacy Quiz (NFCS)

The National Financial Capability Study (NFCS) is a project of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation (FINRA Foundation). This site provides a set of financial knowledge and investor knowledge questions. You can also compare how you did with others who took the test.

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Fun Personal Finance Quizzes

CentSai provides a bank of online, short personal finance quizzes.

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