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Watch Together

For young kids

  • Cha-Ching Money Smart Kids, provides a series of short videos geared towards students in grades K-6 with accompanying activities for classrooms and families.
  • PBS Learning Media offers Making Cents: Financial Literacy Videos for Young Learners.
  • Finances for Kids, supported by Sesame Street, provides a series of short videos of personal finance topics with the popular characters. Accompanying activities for parents and caregivers are provided.
  • CashVilleKidz has a YouTube channel with 24 episodes of short videos for young kids to learn about money matters.
  • Beth Kobliner has a series of videos on how parents can talk with their kids about money and several videos targeted for young learners.

For older kids

  • PwC Charitable Foundation has created interactive modules with Earn Your Futurethat include free videos and additional activities to do with your teen.


  • Visa Practical Money Skills, offers a series of games including The Payoff, which includes simulations in which students learn about financial basics such as budgeting.