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Where does your school stand?

Curious if your school or district offers financial education? And if so, does it offer enough and how does it compare to other programs in the area, state, or even the country?

Check out these links to find out what schools in the U.S. offer financial education.

Financial Education Graduation Requirements Data

Carly Urban, University of Montana, provides data for what schools have graduation requirements for financial education. There is data for local and state high school graduation requirements.

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Financial Literacy Education: School-Level Data

Check out this interactive map of what schools offer financial education, created by Dr. Abdullah Al Bahrani. You can search by zip code to find schools.

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School Search Map

In collaboration with Montana State University, NGPF created an interactive state map of schools that offer financial education.

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U.S. Access Report

Created by NGPF, this report is a study of high school catalogs in the U.S and shows who has access to financial education. The latest report includes programs as of the 2019-20 school year.

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