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Tailor instruction to students’ specific needs

Promising Practice: Tailor instruction to students’ specific needs. Everyone can benefit from financial education, but not everyone faces the same financial situations and decisions.

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Engage students with personal finance topics

Check out some of these online resources and ideas to engage students.

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Find teaching resources

Prepared and confident teachers are the backbone of an effective financial education program. Check out our list of resources for teacher training and our newly added virtual resources!

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Select quality curriculum

Promising Practice: Use curriculum that teaches students how to make informed financial decisions. There is a lot of information available, but some of it may be biased, prescriptive, or just plain incorrect. It’s important to find quality content that provides information that is useful in helping students make decisions on their own.

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Maximize time with personal finance topics

Most teachers and schools do not have the time to cover all of these topics. So, how do you teach personal finance when your time is limited? Here are some ideas to maximize your time.

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Know the important topics to cover in financial education

Promising Practice: Use curriculum based on national financial literacy standards. The most effective curriculum will address all six knowledge areas identified by the national standards for financial literacy. This will ensure that students are ready for all of the big financial decisions they will soon face.

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