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Advocate for policy change

It may seem daunting to advocate for policy that requires or recommends financial education programs. Take on this challenge! Check out these resources to help you plan policy changes.

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Push for more financial education in your school

Schools and districts can be at different places on the road toward an effective financial education program. There may be elective courses or other initiatives that can be added. Check out some ideas of ways you can encourage schools to advance financial education.

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Six Essential Elements for an Effective High School Financial Education Program

To be a powerful advocate, it is helpful to know what is needed in an effective high school financial education program. Through research, we found six essential elements.

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The importance of financial education

Young people drive our economiesand our futurebut most of them have never learned to save, manage, and invest their money. A financial education program is one of the most effective ways to teach money management at an early age and lay a foundation for success later in life.

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Your financial future starts now

To be free from financial worry is one of life’s great aspirations. That’s where financial literacy comes in. You can use it to your advantage every time you make a decision about money.

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Do U.S. adults know more about personal finance than students?

Pioneers in the field of financial literacy designed three simple questions that measure the ABC’s of financial literacy, known as the Big Three. Many people find the questions challenging. How about you?

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