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What should my kid know about personal finance?

Personal finance covers a lot of topics. The national financial literacy standards serve as a guideline for states, districts, and schools incorporating personal finance concepts into their curricula. Check out resources that help you to strengthen these topics at home.

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Teacher in New York

A high school teacher in New York noticed there were no financial education courses offered at his school.

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District in Rhode Island

The Chariho school district in Rhode Island crafted a five-year strategic plan called Vision 2023.

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Teacher in Kentucky

The teacher of a high school financial education elective sensed that his students were enjoying the class and learning a lot.

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Teacher in Massachusetts

A teacher in Massachusetts noticed that many of her students’ families worked in agriculture.

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Step 3: Check in

What is working and what needs improvement?

Once your students’ needs have been determined and your program has been tailored, the third step is to assess what should be improved. This step provides information on what has changed since you started your financial education program and what adjustments would boost student achievement.

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